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More than anything else I truly enjoy planting and caring for roses. I realize that some pictures show black spot and yellow leaves... one thing I am trying to do is really see which roses are both low maintnance and hardy. So this year I have not sprayed anything yet. I am experimenting to see what works for me!
I am going to use the blog as a report card for all the roses... :)

Austins: Grace, The Ambridge Rose and Geoff Hamilton

Austin Roses: Glamis Castle, Jude The Obscure & Crown Princess Margaretta

Falstaff, Scarlet Moss & Basye's Purple

Distant Drums

Many faces of Gemini

April in Paris, Victor Borge, Tournament of Roses and Heritage

So gorgeous....

Many faces of Isabelle Renassaince

Perle de Or, Pat Austin, Royal Amethyst & Cinderela

Comtes de Champagne, Valencia, Eden & Dainty Bess

Color Magic, Iobelle, Praire Sunrise & Chicago Peace