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April 17th 2012

Veggies are planted! Mustard & Salad Greens
 Collard Greens
 Cabagge, Bock Choi, Joy Choi & More Collad Greens
 Eggplant & Sweet Peppers started inside from seeds!
 Chives from an clump, thyme, Mint, Lavender and Oregano...
 Pots for potatoes, and a surviving Rosemary plant from last year!
 New relaxing area under the new deck... and right outside the laundry room... Diamond and I are in love with this area... so nice and we have a nice view of the veggies!!!!

Succulent Container

3 Tier Succulent Container

My  first attempt to create a 3 Tier Container with hardy succulents. I saw one in CA and just could never forget that one... Planted on April 6 2012

Bottom container

Middle container

Top container This is the bigger succulent on top
all the others are small and have enough room to grow!

April 2012 - Main Rose Garden