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Playing with Picasa...

Postillion Rose

A very pretty yellow rose. It's starts so dark orange but it's a yellow rose!

Caramel Fairy Tale

More Roses

Garden Delight - 1st year in my garden

Marchessa Boccela
- what a gorgeous rose, smells wonderful

Purple Heart - love this rose...

Belle de Crecy - finally blooming this year. I pruned in 2010 and it did not like it... so last year not even one bloom! So I gave and ultimatum... if no blooms this year I was going to take it out... not many blooms but its giving me some!

South Africa Rose - today

Sooooo gorgeous!!!!

South Africa Rose

One of my favorites! This rose is from Palatine Roses in Canada. It's one of the most beautiful roses you can imagine. Not fragrant, but it is absolutely a gorgeous plant. I would say in my opinion is a perfect rose bush. The leaves are nice and shinny, they fill out well, and the rose is just an amazing deep yellow. From bud to fully open the rose is gorgeous. I almost lost this plant so I planted a new one this year just in case. (Voles happened to my garden ! horrible creatures!)

The Veggie Garden

View from the deck.

All raised beds! Love it!

Tomatoes, beans (can't see them yet!) and Summer Squash

Potatoes and lettuce

Collard Grenns ... whatever is left after the bugs eat them... it's horrible the amount of damage they can do in a morning! hate those things!

Zaide Rose

This Rose is in the 2nd year in my garden. It was planted last year and it did not bloom much but it was a strong plant. This year is great. Grew a lot, and the roses are really a nice pink/coral color. It's from Palatine Roses (in Canada) love it... I am glad I got it, even if I was not so excited about , but it promisses to be as good as the fairy tales ones, with long canes and tons of blooms... Love it...