Sunday, May 27, 2012

More roses...

Grim Brothers Fairy Tale - this is an amazing rose. Grows really fast as a vase shape bush... its big, with long canes - from the best place to get bare roots - Palatine Roses in Canada.

Abraham Darby - a David Austin Rose - wonderful fragance... love it

South Africa - gorgeous

Eden Rose - another marvelous rose.

Collete - a gorgeous climber

Crown Princess Margareta - another David Austin - apricot blend, gorgeous very nice climber... it's recovering nicely this year, after voles did a number on my roses in 2010 winter. Since we had such a mild winter, I did not have to mulch the roses so I got to see and just keep them wet this time. Thank God for that!
This rose gets shade in the afternoon and the color is stronger.

Janet - a David Austin Rose  (not fully opened)

Lavender Simplicity - really is a nice rose, but no fragrance at all. It's surviving since its a Jackson Perkins rose (which I absolutely don't like their roses. They are not reliable. From 15 rose bushes I got in 2006 I only have 3 remaining... and believe me I pamper my roses...) Love to take pics of this rose at night...


Pat Austin - a gorgeous David Austin rose...

Ladies in Waiting - love this rosebush. Its lush , really pretty, and the roses are small but plenty...
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