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Signs of Spring - 2012

 March 8th - International Women's Day...

We had a wonderful breaking record day... our temp got to 68F I got to really garden ... more like an experiment and see if I can beat the weeds. Its going to be really cold tonight and tomorrow so hopefully whatever I exposed will die. Let's see!

Splish Splash  is a cute miniature rose - one of the earliest to bloom in my garden... it was planted in 2006 or 2007. I really did not keep a good record.

Those are Digitalis - they did well ... under the leaves they were this big already... I just covered again and hopefully they will continue to grow... they came from Allison - she is such a good gardenere!!!!


I did not plant this rose last year. Could not decide and just left this poor thing ... but it's all green and I will plant this year!

This is  is a miniature rose that was planted in 2006 - it's an amazing plant...and here we have a few new leaves....

That's a pic of the entire plant... it's really all green... not only this year, but every year since... If I am not mistaken it is Lavender Mist...
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